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Holger Konarski Photography

Images inspired by the rugged beauty of Vancouver Island The Ocean

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Jewelry by Michelle

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Jewelry by Michelle

Hi, I am Michelle Bodnar and I live on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.   I have the pleasure of living in a place of constant beauty.  From a stormy day on the ocean, a stunning sunset, to a peaceful walk through the woods exploring the Flora and Fauna, we have it all.

Spending more and more time in nature and experiencing new adventures deeply nurtured my soul and awakened my passion for making jewelry by the inspiration of my surrounding.  

This has led to my ocean and woodland designs with a slight boho feel.  My jewelry, handcrafted in Tofino/Ucluelet are one-of-a-kind pieces.  The environment is important to me so all shells are sustainably gathered, and materials are ethically sourced.  Each piece will have a slight variation due to the handmade work and vision put into them.    


Penner Fine Art

“Art is an expression of how we perceive the world around us and our attempt to portray those views and feelings. My personal attempt is to portray the worlds richness and beauty in a realistic manner that most people can relate to.”

I have had a keen interest in drawing the human figure from very early on in my childhood. This coupled with my intense love and study of the rich colors in the paintings of the “Old Masters”, inspired me to paint with intense realism. Although being partial to portraiture and oils, I also work in a variety of other mediums and subject matter.
From still life, to wildlife, to landscapes, growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia Canada, I have had an endless supply of captivating and inspiring material from the world around me in which to paint my “Portraits of Life”. Doreen currently resides on Vancouver Island...

Visit www.pennerfineart.com for more of my work.

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Holger Konarski Photography

"The ocean, rivers, forests, mountains and lakes, no matter what the subject....my goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty that surrounds us and put my very own creative spin on it."

Growing up with my grandparents, my journey into the world of photography started at a very young age. My Grandpa was an avid amateur photographer who loved the outdoors. He always had his camera ready whenever we were out on our almost daily hikes. 

He loved taking pictures of everything nature had to offer, but flowers were his favorite subject. It was my Grandpa who got me my first camera and taught me how to use it...and I was hooked.

Later on in life, my passion for photography took a backseat for almost 15 years and was only brought back to life after I moved to beautiful and inspiring Vancouver Island, BC. The rugged natural beauty of Vancouver Island is truly inspiring. With a little push from my loving partner, Michelle, I was back at it...this time in the Digital age.

I’d like to believe that my Grandpas’ curious spirit lives on in my images and I truly hope that you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.        

The Ocean